Ten Reasons Why We Love Tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos? This delicious treat makes the perfect snack or meal option. Tacos also pair well with your favorite cocktails, beer, or margaritas. There are a lot of reasons to love tacos, so check out the following blog post to learn about 10 reasons why we here at Barito Tacos & Cocktails love tacos!

  1. Tacos are a tasty breakfast

    Yeah, that’s right! Tacos aren’t just for lunch or dinner. Breakfast tacos made with eggs, sausage, or chorizo make for a delicious way to wake up.

  2. Tacos are tasty for dinner as well

    Of course, tacos are great for dinner too. Select chicken, pork, duck, beef, fish, vegetables, or beans to make up your taco for dinner time.

  3. Tacos are even great in the late night

    After a night of drinks and dancing, a taco is a perfect way to fill your stomach. Tacos covered in cheeses, sauces, and your favorite proteins are an excellent way to cure the light-night munchies.

  4. Tacos at Barito Tacos & Cocktails in Port Jefferson New York

  5. Tacos are for all diets

    Whether you’re a carnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, there is a taco out there for you. Tacos can be filled with all of your favorite foods, no matter your diet.

  6. There’s more than one where that came from

    Tacos are like chips, sometimes you can’t have just one. Tacos are typically made in batches, so you can have two or three tacos to satisfy your hunger or share with friends.

  7. Taco sauce can go on just about anything

    Tacos come with incredible sauces that pair well with just about any other dish. Get creative with your tacos and the sauces they come with to take your meal to the next level.

  8. Tacos can be light and refreshing

    Just because tacos can be packed with meats and cheeses doesn’t mean they can’t also come with light veggies or seafood. Tacos are versatile and perfect for any type of meal.

  9. Tacos can keep you warm on cold days

    Cold winters are no match for warm tacos. Tacos are an excellent comfort food perfect for any time of year.

  10. Tacos pair well with drinks

    Whether you love beer, wine, cocktails, or margaritas, tacos make the perfect match for your favorite drinks. Pair your tacos with a tasty drink for a complete and satisfying meal.

  11. No two tacos are exactly the same

    Whatever your appetite, there is a taco perfect for whatever you are craving. Whether you want a breakfast taco, light lunch taco, filling dinner taco, or late-night munchies taco, there is one out there waiting for you. Tacos are catered to your taste, diet, and preferences, so dive into a taco or two!

At Barito Tacos & Cocktails, we absolutely love tacos! Taste our tacos for yourself by stopping by our restaurant at 201c Main Street in Port Jefferson today!

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