Six Tips for Dining Gluten-Free at Barito

Whether you have a wheat allergy or are trying to cut gluten out of your life, dining gluten-free at Barito is easy! The following blog post contains six tips for dining gluten-free at Barito, so you can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal without worry.

Barito Tacos

The first tip to dining gluten-free at Barito is requesting a corn tortilla, instead of a flour tortilla. If you’re eating a dish with tortilla ingredients, corn tortillas usually do not have any gluten.

The second tip to dining gluten-free at Barito is asking if our corn chips are fried in a dedicated fryer. While corn tortillas may not contain gluten, they may be fried in a fryer with flour tortillas, which do contain gluten. Sharing a fryer can contaminate the food with gluten, so be sure to ask for these details before placing your order.

Next, ask about marinades. Some foods contain marinades that may or may not be gluten-free. Ask about the ingredients that go into sauces and marinades to make sure your meal does not contain any gluten.

The fourth step to dining gluten-free at Barito is taking note of rice. Rice may seem like a safe, gluten-free option, but you want to ask what the rice is made with. Sometimes rice is made with a chicken stock, which is not gluten-free. If the rice is not made with chicken stock or other gluten-containing ingredients, it is safe to eat.

The fifth step to dining gluten-free at Barito is asking about other menu options. Even dishes like queso or sour cream can contain flour or other gluten-containing ingredients or thickeners. Even pre-shredded cheese can contain gluten, so don’t be afraid to ask your friendly server at Barito for more details about our ingredients. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

The final step to dining gluten-free at Barito is talking to the chef or manager about our kitchen practices. Inquire about the way we prepare our foods and if we have separate processes for preparing gluten-free food. We want to make sure your meal is safe for you to eat, and will do what we can to accommodate you.

To enjoy a tasty, gluten-free meal, make your way to Barito Tacos & Cocktails today! We are located at 201 Main Street in Port Jefferson, New York.

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