It’s National Salsa Month!

Happy National Salsa Month! This month, enjoy salsa is in its many forms at Barito Tacos & Cocktails. You can snack on chips and salsa, or order salsa in your taco, burrito, or bowl! To learn more about the history of salsa this National Salsa Month, just continue reading.

Barito Nachos with Salsa

Salsa translates directly to “sauce” in Spanish. The history of salsa dates back decades. It is believed that salsa was first created by the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas. When the Spanish came to Central America in the early 1500s, they were first exposed to salsa. During this time, salsa was made from tomatoes and a mix of chiles, squash, and beans, among other ingredients.

In 1807, salsa made its way to the United States. The first bottled hot sauces appeared in Massachusetts, and these sauces were made from Cayenne chilies. Then, in 1868, Tabasco sauce made its debut on a small island west of New Orleans. By 1948, the first manufactured salsa came to the United States in Texas.

Salsa truly grew in popularity in the 1980s. Between the years of 1985 and 1990, salsa sales grew 79 percent. Not only were more people buying salsa for their homes, but they were also enjoying salsa at Mexican restaurants.

Today, salsa is one of the most popular condiments in the world. Almost every store sells salsa, and many households have salsa in their refrigerator or pantry. Additionally, it is easier than ever to enjoy delicious salsa at Barito Tacos & Cocktails.

We invite you to come try our salsa for yourself! Order our salsa and chips off of the snack menu to enjoy delicious pico de gallo and tasty house-made tortilla chips. When dining at our location, you can also order salsa inside of your tacos, on top of your tostada, in your burrito, with your pupusas, and so on.

Come taste our salsa for yourself this National Salsa Month by visiting Barito Tacos & Cocktails, located at 201 Main Street in Port Jefferson today!

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