Cheers to National Sangria Day at Barito!

December 20 each year is celebrated as National Sangria Day, and we join in the fun here at Barito Tacos & Cocktails. Sangria may be one of Portugal and Spain’s favorite beverages, but it is now celebrated all over the world, including here in Port Jefferson at Barito Tacos & Cocktails.

Port Jefferson Sangria

Sangria can be traced back to Roman times when water was usually mixed with wine to kill germs and bacteria from unsafe water sources. The name Sangria comes from “sangre” or blood which refers to sangria’s blood red color. The Romans added fruit, herbs, and spices to make the poor table wine more drinkable. Today spiced wine is popular everywhere, and December 20 and National Sangria Day gives us a chance to enjoy this flavorful drink.

arito Tacos & Cocktails celebrates National Sangria Day every day with our red and white sangria flavored with seasonal fruit, along with our other delicious cocktails including:

  • El Barito Classico with Blanco tequila, orange, lime, agave, and triple sec
  • Anticuado featuring Don Juli Añejo tequila, vanilla, angostura bitters, and orange bitters
  • Incendiario with jalapeño and habanero infused tequila, orange, lime, agave, and triple sec
  • Invierno containing Reposado tequila and seasonal flavors
  • Paloma De Port featuring Blanco tequila, agave, grapefruit, lime, and jarito grapefruit
  • Villa Cofresi with rum, coconut, and island lime
  • Spiked Mexican Coke with Frenet branca
  • Spiked Jarritos
  • Rock Bottom featuring a tequila shot and a can of Tecate

Visit Barito for National Sangria days or anytime at 201c Main Street in Port Jefferson. If you have questions about our offerings call us at 631-828-8808.

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